We can provide a full technical roofing survey and report, by our qualified technical managers, offering roofing works on both commercial and residential properties throughout London and the surrounding areas as well as all the Home Counties.

Our many clients include Network Rail, for whom we have provided roofing services to for over 20 years. Other clients include Kings College London, schools, nursery’s, large car parks, Churches and Hospitals to name a few. Please contact us for a quote, advice or further information.

We are continuously proud of the highly skilled tradesmen who make up Team GSM for their ongoing work and commitment. Here are just some of their highlights.

Bellingham Station

Bellingham Station opened in 1892 and is located in South London. It forms part of the ‘Catford Loop’ which is an estimated 8 miles long and also includes Crofton Park, Catford, Beckenham and Ravensbourne stations.

Survey: A Suitable Specification

Bellingham Station was exposed to an expired zinc roofing system, causing damage to the structural timber deck and in turn, decoration work to the underside canopy. The track-side guttering system had actually become dangerous, with parts of the gutter falling onto the track in severe weather conditions. The Stations main building tiled roof had also expired, requiring renewal to protect the newly renovated accommodations.

On our survey, it was noted that the existing system had failed to protect the canopy makeup and this led to further remedial work needed. Works included the complete removal of the existing structural deck coating and the installation of an additional Plywood Deck, to strengthen the canopy while providing a hard edge for the adhesion of the roofing system. The Stations main building roof also required suitable matching against the existing tiles, which were simply not manufactured anymore.

Spec and Scope:

  • Removal of expired zinc standing seam roofing system and installation of Flex-R EPDM FleeceBack RubberBond System, with Decorative King Wood rolls to match standing seam aesthetics of the previous system
  • Renewal of valence boards with Composite Boards to match existing design, fabricated and cut off-site for quick installation
  • New cast aluminium guttering system with integrated access hatches for maintenance
  • Full Jotun Demidekk Microporous paint system to all underside canopies, to further protect the asset with a maintenance free life of 12 years
  • Access scaffold crash deck was utilised to carry out the works efficiently


  • Clients: SISK Rail, Network Rail
  • Duration: 10 Week Programme 2018/19
  • Team GSM:
    • 2 x Carpenters
    • 4 x GSM Specialist Roofing Operatives
    • 4 x Specialist Coating Operatives
  • Total cost of job £375,000.00
Bellingham Station
Removal of expired zinc standing seam roofing system and installation of Flex-R EPDM FleeceBack RubberBond System

Yalding Station

Yalding Railway Station is on the Medway Valley Line in Kent and operated by Southeastern Rail. The APTIS-equipped ticket office (on the southbound platform) closed in 1989 as the building was then used for commercial purposes. G S Moore were proud to be awarded the refurbishment works, applying careful management and planning throughout.

Survey: Safety First 

Yalding Station needed full refurbishment after being unmanned for quite some time. Severe damage from weathering, neglected faults and a ‘life expired’ waterproofing system all contributed to degradation, water ingress and timber rot of both the station canopy and entrance roof.

Our survey noted that, the main beam intersections underneath the guttering had rotted away due water ingress. We specified with the client, replacement of the timber supporting structure and box guttering due to severe degradation over many years of neglect. GSM Access also installed a man-safe system, enabling safe maintenance access to the new Flex-R EPDM RubberBond FleeceBack Gutter System.

Spec and Scope:

  • Aluminium crimped curved sheeting to match existing barrel roof profile
  • DuraComposites Valence boards designed and machined to match existing, while also providing a maintenance free asset for the station
  • Low maintenance, high capacity and very durable Alumasc Aluminium PPC Ogee Guttering & Rainwater Pipework to compliment the new canopy
  • Green Oak timber beams and bespoke gutter support blocks, fabricated on-site to match the existing canopy structure
  • Flex-R EPDM FleeceBack RubberBond gutter System of a higher capacity and enlarged outlets to mitigate debris build up
  • Timber decorated with Jotun DemiDekk Microporous Paint System Installed PPM Maintenance and constant force fall arrest systems


  • Clients: Dyer & Butler, Network Rail
  • Duration: 6 Week Programme 2019/20
  • Team GSM:
    • 4-man specialist team consisting of:
      • Carpenters,
      • Decoration Operatives
      • Cladding Operatives
  • Total cost of job £115,000.00

Sandwich Station

Sandwich, a Southeastern Railway Station, opened as a single line track 1 July 1847. It later added a connection to Dover Priory June 1881 and in 2019, major works began to expand the station, in preparation for The 2019 Golf Open Championship. Platforms were extended to 80 metres to accommodate larger trains. Works continue into 2020 in readiness for the 147th Open Championship.

Survey: The importance of a survey

The Station building pitched roof, waiting shelter and platform canopies at Sandwich were all in extremely porous states. Our survey noted severe rain ingress from the loft areas, expiration of existing, man-made fibre slate and severe defects to the chimney stacks, all contributing to the cause. The Platform canopy was single skin aluminium sheeted, with drainage and timber valances that were all in need of replacement.

On our survey, our surveyors found severe water ingress, rotting timber frames and collapsed valley guttering. The chimneys were missing masonry work and the parapets, saddles and cornices had all expired, causing brickwork to collapse. The waiting shelter water proofing had also expired and previously suffered fire damage.

Spec and Scope:

  • Main station new pitched roof using Del Prado natural slate, Code 6 hand cast lead gutter lining
  • Renew ‘life expired’ mono pitched slate roof of waiting shelter
  • Platform 1 full canopy replacement with new, aluminium powder coated sinusoidal sheeting
  • Hargreaves cast iron guttering replacing the existing UPVC – all areas (Heritage passed, listed building approved)
  • Jotun Demidekk Microporous paint system to all timber elements


  • Clients: Dyer & Butler, Network Rail
  • Duration: 4 Week Programme 2020
  • Team GSM:
    • 2x 4-man specialist teams
    • 2x 52 hr weekend possessions
    • Access for canopy install
  • Total cost of job £225.000.00
Platform 1 full canopy replacement with new, aluminium powder coated sinusoidal sheeting

Margate Station

Margate Station opened 1 December 1846 and was later rebuilt in 1926. Our survey noted Margate Station  was Grade II listed in 1987. The main building is constructed in a classical style, including brown brick, stone dressing and a hipped tiled roof. The booking hall is built similarly, but in a distinctive ellipse shape with pendant lighting.

Survey: The right Solution

Areas of Margate Station were extremely degraded, with severe water ingress throughout the box gutter and glazing systems. The existing fibre roof slate had expired and the existing Georgian wire glazing either broken, slipped or simply missing over the years, due to wear and tear, gull nesting and ‘life expired’ waterproofing.

We wanted to improve upon the existing specification, offer better longevity and include PPM within the scope of works.
Working with the client, we agreed to specify Plasiax GWP, a sheet plastic more superior and 25 times stronger than glass. It’s virtually unbreakable, lightweight and weather resistant, with a 50-year warranty and little to no maintenance. We combined this with a laser etched, wire print and a stipple effect finish to create an exact atheistic match to the original Georgian wire glazing.

Spec and Scope:

  • Main station ticket office pitched slate roof replacement
  • Platform 2 and 3 glazing replacement with 6mm Plasiax Georgian wire polycarbonate, bespoke, handcrafted Accoya timber rafters and a white PPC Aluminium Capex 50 glazing bar system
  • Polycarbonate Georgian wire effect pigeon netting replacement
  • EPDM water proofing to main valley gutters and flat roof canopy
  • British Transport Police building pitched roof replacement using natural Spanish slate Del Carman and lead linings
  • Lift shaft cladding replacement, including structural plywood overlay deck and Flex-R EPDM FleeceBack RubberBond waterproofing system


  • Clients: Sisk Rail, Dyer & Butler, Network Rail
  • Duration: 10 Week Programme 2018/19
  • Team GSM:
    • 8-man specialist team including:
      • Heritage slate fitters,
      • Heritage lead engineers,
      • Glazers
  • Total cost of job £420,000.00

Tunbridge Wells Station

Tunbridge Wells Station opened by SER 25th November 1846 servicing both London Charing Cross and Hastings, as well as shuttles to Tonbridge and London Bridge via Redhill.

The Clock Tower, Tunbridge Wells Station

Tunbridge Wells Station is a Grade II listed building. Team GSM’s specialist carpenters installed new Green Oak timber beams to the suspended canopy system. The specialist glazing team then installed a Plasiax Georgian wire polycarbonate system with PPC self support glazing bars, followed by a full paint refurbishment using a Jotun Demidekk Microporous System.

Tunbridge Wells Station was suffering from severe rain ingress through the internal loft area, drainage blocked (unrepairable) and the lower roof had suffered vandalism, theft and graffiti. Its Clock tower had no safe means of maintenance access and externally, it had severe timber rot, delaminated lead and corrosion to all 4 faces as well as heavy rain ingress and an expired weather vane with no lightening conductor.

Spec and Scope:

  • Clock Tower – New like for like lead coverings, including king rolled Lead profiles and circular lead louvre vents. All defective timber to all decorative faces cut out, treated and replaced using new Hardwood timber, machined and installed using traditional methods of timber plug rather than conventional filler plugs. New pest control systems and internal access system for maintenance to the clock tower
  • Main Station ticket office pitch roofs plus, main and rear canopies – Natural Spanish slate Del Prado, Code 6 lead linings and coverings plus, a totally new, re-designed and fitted cast iron drainage system


  • Clients: SISK Rail, Network Rail
  • Duration: 9 Week Programme 2019
  • Team GSM:
    • 12 man team across the station
  • Total cost of job £435,000.00

Team GSM won the National Railway Heritage award for works completed on the Clock Tower, on behalf of its client, Network Rail. The awards ceremony took place 4th December 2019 at the Merchant Taylor’s Hall in London, presented by HRH The Princess Royal.

We strive to work on these projects, continuously proud of our highly skilled tradesmen for their work and commitment.

Herne Bay Station

Serving the town of Herne Bay and staring in Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, this station was originally constructed by the Herne Bay and Faversham Railway Company, opening in 1861 as “Herne Bay and Hampton-on-Sea”.

Survey: Specialist Materials

Found on older buildings, the existing valley gutters were failing, allowing heavy rainwater to collect, stagnate and ingress on the flat roof. The timber cross section was also bowing, rotted and had been temporarily propped up, spoiling the atriums. Finally, the drainage system was completely blocked.

G S Moore Roofing always try to source materials locally however, green oak timbers were required for Herne Bay, which at the time (2019) – had to be imported from France. Our Contracts Manager, Rob Allan worked tirelessly with the French suppliers, arranging the import to Tilbury Docks, transportation to site and fitted, all within 24 hours. Thanks also to Swains who we sub-contracted the lifting to. A great team effort all round and a fantastic achievement for Team GSM.

Spec and Scope:

  • New flat roof canopy and lead flashings to ridge and gables
  • x2 New glazed atriums using Plasiax Georgian wire effect polycarbonate glazing with hardwood Accoya timber glazing rafters and Capex 70 PPC glazing bar system
  • Rebuilt Box gutters with deeper & wider girth, to match rainfall expectancy at the station, Hargreaves Cast iron 100mm rainwater system with inspection hatches
  • 18mm structural plywood deck, EPDM RubberBond FleeceBack, DuraComposites Valence board and lead perimeter capping, with new lead outlets fitted and welded on-site
  • High-level, safe access for future maintenance installed, tested and commissioned by GSM Access


Clients: SISK Rail, Network Rail
Duration: 6 Week Programme 2019
Team GSM:

  • 8-man specialist team,
  • Heritage lead engineers,
  • Heritage Carpenter
  • Decorations Team

Total cost of job £233.000.00